problen with my budgie


my budgie was flying about and missed his landing and accidentally flew straight into the wall but i don't think that he flew into the wall by accident now, he's lost all co-ordination in his flight and can't land, he just flies about until he either crashes or and he's caught mid air and he's also dragging his left foot about sometimes, when i let him out the next day he just kept flying into the wall and he didn't seem to know where he was at all, he's back in his cage and he staying there until he's better, i have visited a vet and he has been prescribed vivitonin 50 tablets, 1/4 tablet crushed up and put into 40ml of water, but the vet does not really know what's caused this, could it be a stroke, nerve damage, concusion due to him hitting the wall or even worse a fractured skull, he's not fluffed up or anything but he is shaking his feathers a lot, not fitting but just as if he is trying to remove dust from himself all the time, if you just looked at him in the cage you would never be able to tell there is anything wrong
what do you think?

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Jan 06, 2009
Budgie head trauma
by: The Vet

Head trauma is very likely from the crash into the wall. Stroke can also cause these symptoms. I am not familiar with vivitonin, but I do not recommend putting medications of any kind into their water. It is ineffective and can make them not drink. I recommend that you have a more thorough work up done by having x-rays performed. This can tell you if there are fractures or swellings that could be contributing to his lake of coordination.

Dr. B

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