Probs after wing clipping

by Joe
(Fayetteville, W.Va.)

I'm trying to help a friend. She recently bought a 2 month old Green Cheek and his primary flights were clipped even with the secondary flights. He acts like the wings are bothering him and will bite anyone that tries to touch his back or wings. I think that it is because he was clipped before he fledged and now is trying to figure out what is wrong with his wings. Am I correct? Could there be anything else that might be wrong with him?


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May 11, 2009
Wing clipping and behavior of bird
by: The Vet

I agree with your assessment, that the wing clip is affecting this bird. However, there could be other things contributing, complicating, or causing these behaviors. I recommend that your friend take this bird in to see an avian veterinarian. And don?t go back to the same person that clipped the wings.

Dr B

May 10, 2009
wing clippings
by: Anonymous

oh boy. Who clipped his wings?

May 10, 2009
wing clipping
by: Anonymous

Firstly, there is no reason to cut the secondary flight feathers. By just cutting the primaries, bird will be able to come to a gliding landing. With all these cut, he will fall hard and can hurt himself. The purpose of wing clipping is to prevent bird from getting enough lift to fly out the door or window and get lost out there.

I would take bird to vet for a general checkup if it has not already been done to see about bacterial or other infections. Young birds are suceptible to infections, and bird needs to be seen by a qualified Avian vet.

Also, make sure bird is not in a position to fall from any kind of height as the cut job on wings will cause him to fall flat and possibly get hurt. After the wing feathers grow out, and the blood has left them (they'll be white instead of pink/reddish, just have the primaries trimmed as this will allow bird to glide to a stop instead of falling and possibly breaking something.


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