Prognosis of Indian Ring neck health problem

by Faisal

It has been 6 months since i clipped my parrots wings and now grown back and i seem to notice after flying for some time open mouthed heavy breathing and panting.Does this indicate respiratory problems.And how to treat it with natural remedy because i live in Bangladesh and we do not have vets or giving my parrot human medicine work? Thank you.

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Jan 17, 2012
RIngneck health problem
by: Anonymous

Your birds wings have been clipped for 6 months. This means your bird has not flown in a long time bc of that.

My IRN, when I got her, had been in a small cage, I however didnt like that, so I got her a bigger one. I allowed her wings to grow out, & let her come out & roam the livingroom (supervised of course) She tried flying, but didnt know how. Eventually she learned, but it was with great effort at first.

Her wings had to build strength in them to support her body weight, at first could only go short distances. She would be short of breath, panting heavily. I took her to he vet, he said that was normal bc she was not previously flying or had ever flown. That she was fine, healthy.

I'm assuming it's the same for your bird. It's like you, if you are not a runner, one day decide to go running, you tire easily, and can only go short distances, you pant & breath heavily. Eventually you build up strength,& stamina, & can go further, faster, much more easily.

I would however be concerned of respitory issues if your bird isn't in a safe clean environment, & people smoke around your bird. Anyone who smokes in your home, please ask them to smoke outside. It's not healthy for your bird. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your bird, as nicotine can rub off onto your bird. This can cause her to be a plucker, or other health issues.

Chances are, there isn't a problem. However, you should take your bird to a vet at least once a year for wellness exams. I would highly suggest you find a vet, get her checked just incase. I do not suggest giving your bird human medicines, as they can be fatal. Human meds can have an opposite reaction.

If anything, I would suggest a warm air humidifier with no medicine solution. Humidifer will open her lungs. I keep one running in my house for my son who is asthmatic. I use WATER ONLY.

Hope this helps. Please find some kind of vet. Get her checked. Thanks.

Jan 16, 2012
Prognosis of Indian Ring neck health problem
by: Linda

Your bird will die without diagnosis and treatment by an Avian Vet in your area. There are no home remedies nor are there any human medicines that will not kill your bird. Having an Avian Vet needs to be part of the criteria of having a parrot in the first place. If this one dies from lack of medical services, please do not get another one that will also die if it gets sick. These birds have a right to life, and people have NO right to put them into a situation where they face death from lack of medical services, wholesome food and clean water.

Here is a link for help in finding an Avian Vet in your area:

Find an Avian Vet

Use no over the counter meds and NO human meds as both can and do kill many birds every year in the US.


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