projectile vomiting in a conure

by Patricia Hardin
(Poway, Ca. 92964)

I was a given a bird about 7 months ago...fine and healthy...supposedly he is a conure. Today, 12/22/09 he has projectiled vomited 3x..once on me , twice on my husband, he seems fine in all other is getting colder here and we have been suffering from a colds, I can't really afford a vet. how long should I wait to have him see or is this something I should not worry about? It is the first time, we also have an older budgie who is housed next to him, who is showing no odd signs what so ever. Please help me I am perplexed and distraught!!! If it should continue I will probably callavet but hoping I can get an answer soon if it should continue.
Thank you so much for your prompt attention.
patricia hardin

P.S. Happy Holidays

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Dec 24, 2009
Conure vomiting
by: Tracie

If your bird is really vomiting then this is serious. If your bird is just regurgitating for you, then you are the source of it's affections.

Does it only do this when it is with you or on special toys? If it only does this in response to being happy to be with you, then it is likely that it is regurgitating it's food for you, like it would for a mate.

Your bird should be seen by an avian vet once a year anyway to be vaccinated and examined for possible illness. This might be a good time to go, just to be safe.

Dec 23, 2009
projectile vomiting in a conure
by: Linda

Thanks for writing, and your bird needs to be seen by an Avian Vet as soon as is possible. Also, when we suffer from colds, we need to keep our birds away from us as much as is possible. When we sneeze or cough, the germs become airborne and also end up on our clothes, hair and such. Always carry around disposable products so you do not cough or sneeze into the air. After each sneeze or cough, throw away the kleenix and immediately wash hands with an antibacterial soap of some kind.It's also a good idea to use the disposable masks made for painting/sanding when servicing your birds' cages including feeding and watering and cleaning. Even breathing on them can infect them, so better to be safe than sorry.

Birds are very susceptible to catching any kind of viral or bacterial infection we have. Your bird is sick right now, and the longer you wait, the sicker it will become. Birds try to not show the extent of their illnesses because in the wild a sick or injured bird is a dead bird. The flock either drives it out to die alone or kills it outright. Usually they drive them from the protection of the flock, and they are picked off by predators. Your bird is a wild animal in that parrots are NOT domesticated and will show all the behaviors of their wild kind.

I understand about money and such, and I also know that something else will have to go so your bird can have the medical services it has to have over the course of a lifetime. These infections do not get better on their own, and birds die from them all the time. The infection goes from bad to worse, so try and get him in as soon as you possibly can to be seen and diagnosed by an avian vet. Your little parakeet (budgie) is also going to need to be seen by the vet as well. Bacterial/Viral infections are highly contageous, and if birds are kept in same room, it will most likely be infected.

Keep us posted, and, again, thanks for writing.

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