Proven bonded pair Blue Gold Macaws getting Agrressive

by Altaf


I would be grateful if someone could answer this question urgently.

I have a bonded pair dna'd that have been together for years they preen each other feed each other always together at night on the swing side by side and generally.

Perfect pair I recently introduced a nest box for first time breeding they are aprox. 6-8 years old all of a sudden after a weeks introduction or so of nest box they have been going in and out but are getting agressive towards each other in going in and out of nest box.One may stayin the nest box not letting the other in it seems the male is in the nest box not allowing the female in at present as much.

Why might this be, is it a sign they maybe getting ready the nest box for breeding.

Please advise as to what signs I can expect to see before or prior to them using nest box




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Nov 14, 2012
Proven bonded pair Blue Gold Macaws getting Agrressive
by: Linda

No, they are not getting ready to breed. They are getting ready to kill each other. Please take the nestbox out right away.

You said you had "recently" bought them, and it takes a long time for birds to settle down to want to breed. In fact, unless your cage is super huge, they will not get along even without the nest box. Two birds of this size need a cage that is very, very large with plenty of room to spread out their wings and flap without hitting anything in cage including sides of cage or each other.

The other issue is have you taken them to be examined by an Avian Vet? This has to be done to clear them for physical issues like infections before any breeding. You may have to have them together for over a year before they will settle down to breed, and if they are carrying latent infections, they will pass these onto the babies. Also, you will have to know how to handfeed baby parrot handfeeding formula before you breed because you may have to feed the babies if Mother does not. The males usually do not feed the babies as it is their job to keep watch for danger. The Mother is the one to feed babies, and sometimes they do not want to or do not know how, and babies will die without your help.

So, take out the nestbox and make sure the cage you have for them is at least 6 foot high around 12 wide and 6-8 feet deep minimum size. A smaller cage will cause them to fight because they are crowding each other. The other thing to keep in mind is once you do begin breeding, both birds will become dangerous. The male especially will become more aggressive than you have any idea about up to and including attacking you if you mess with him, the female or the babies. Nestbox has to have a hinged door on the back so you can get to the babies and needs a slider door in front so you can close out the two adult birds. Breeding parrots are dangerous, and I suggest you do some reading about breeding the Macaws on the internet to find out all about this.

Thanks for writing and be very, very careful here. They are not ready now to breed so take out the box and get them into breeding condition by feeding organic pellets like Harrisons or something like it in your country. All seed diets are not able to get birds in good condition because they are not good nutrition.


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