Puffed up budgie!

by Maria

My budgie is constantly puffed up and wanders to places in the house and does not seem to be singing or as active as normal!

... he seems to be skinnier than usual, but he still eats normally (as much as he normally does, when he normally eats.) And i also offer millet to him and he takes it right away just like normal, and seems to be eating the millet and everything else plentifully.

I leave the birds (the budgie i am talking about, 1 cockatiel, and 3 other parakeets) cage open, and there is a playground on the window sill with a ladder about 8 feet awway from their cage. The birds generally ''migrate'' there daily around noon then travel back to their cage after about an hour, not really going anywhere else in the house. But latley my budgie has been wandering around to places he has never been before. Just today i found him next to our back door, just siting there. Sometimes i will also find him in the kitchen or just anywwhere in the living room. He has never before showed any interest in any of those places.

Today is monday and he started to be constantly puffy around tuesday and then started to wander around starting on Thursday. I am worried about my budgie, please help!

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Sep 07, 2010
Puffed up budgie
by: Tracie

There are several things wrong with this picture.

1) Birds should not be flying around where ever they want to fly. They can accidentally get out an open door, they can chew on something toxic, they can get injured or stuck somewhere and you would never know it.

2) If your bird is puffed up and acting strange, then you need to get your bird to an avian vet ASAP. Not a regular dog/cat vet, a vet with avian certification. Regular vets often kill birds that are not even sick, just because they lack the experience to handle and take blood from parrots.

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