puffy quaker parrot

by Liz
(United States)

when i pet my quaker parrot he gets puffy what it means and also i want to know when they get puffy in general is it mean that something is wrong?

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Sep 16, 2009
Puffy Birdy
by: Linda

It sounds as if your bird enjoys your petting him, and puffs up because he feels so nice and relaxed. Birds normally puff up some when tired and in need of rest or when they are very relaxed which usually leads to a nap.

If your bird ever gets puffy all the time, seems to be shaking like with chills and has any digestive upsets, he is ill and needs attention of an Avian Vet in your area. If your bird has not seen vet in the last year, go ahead and take him in for a checkup so you will know he is healthy and feeling good.

Diet can keep a parrot healthy and avoid a lot of vet trips, so feed him an organic, high quality pellet like Harrison's. Tracie carries the pellets out here, and make sure size is correct for your bird. She also has Birdy Bread mixes too which can help with changing a bird over from an all seed diet. The change is a gradual one and not all at once, so read instructions on package of pellets. If you need further help, go out to http://www.harrisonsbirdfoods.com, and they will be happy to help you as much as you need. They are nice people dedicated to helping make parrot's lives better, one bird at a time.

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