Punkin Pete

by Nancy

Green Cheek Conure taking bath
Green Cheeked Conure

I recently purchased a 5 month old green cheek conure. Its unusual for me to choose a bird, I did Greyhound rescue for many years and have two greys of my own. My husband was very ill and I lost him recently. I am so glad I got Punkin. He stole my heart at first glance and I knew he was mine.

I brought him home about two weeks ago, the dogs had a fit! Punkin has been a big help with this hole in my heart. He is so gentle, he has bitten me a few times but has never drawn blood. I have trained him to kiss, take a bath in the bathroom sink, helped to dry him off with a blow dryer, and sing him a song before I cover him up for the night.

The cage is quite large, 32" x 20" Its filled with toys and he does have his favorites. He also has squawed Mama, comes to me with a certain sound I make for him, he's such a sweety. If someone is looking for a companion or to help them thru a difficult time, I cannot think of a better pet than a conure.

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Oct 02, 2010
Punkin Pete
by: Linda

First of all, I am so very sorry for your loss of your husband, and I know this has been a very difficult time for you. Getting your little P. Pete is a wonderful thing to have done, and sounds like you both are doing very well.

One word of caution here is about your Greyhounds. Never leave your bird unsupervised out of his cage when dogs are present because Greyhounds are very fast and love chasing anything that moves. I've also had rescue racing Greyhounds, and they are faster than most people ever realize unless they have lived with one. They can almost "fly" they can jump so high up in the air, so make sure bird and dogs are kept a healthy distance apart. Yes, they love your new baby, and yes, they can also hurt him without meaning to.

Feel free to write to us anytime about anything about your bird. We are here all the time and enjoy hearing from loving people like you whose hearts and minds are in the right places and moving in the right direction.

Thank You SO much for your letter and for having such a big, wonderful heart. You are being blessed, by a loving God, in many ways as we speak.

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Linda and Family

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