puppy diapers bad??

by micaela thompson

hi, tomorrow a receive my very fist bird and it is a baby conure, and i am putting everything in place, and i know that febreze and that kind of stuff is bad for my bird, but are puppy diapers bad for him to?? i want to put it under his brooder so it is easier to clean up.. but is it bad?? they do have odor in them.

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Apr 24, 2015
chemical odors around birds
by: Tracie

It's best not use anything with a chemical odor around birds. You are not clear on your bird setup, but if the bird can chew anything, it needs to be completely bird safe.

Don't allow the bird on the floor, for instance, who knows what your shoes brought in from outside, or what may have fallen into the carpet?

Hopefully you are not planning on hand feeding the bird, if you are, then make sure you have experience. Please practice a few days with the breeder before bringing the baby bird home.

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