Purchase dwarf macaw

by Aemilia

I am very interested in buying a dwarf macaw however I work full time and I was wondering if they can be left alone for long periods?
If not, would you advice buying two to keep each other company or do they not socialise well with other birds?


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Nov 20, 2014
Purchasing a dwarf parrot
by: Tracie

If you are asking if they can be alone all day while you are at work, yes they can. You need to provide ample safe wood toys for the bird to destroy, and I suggest captive foraging to keep the bird busy too.

Do not get 2 birds, unless they already share a cage, are of the same sex, and you don't want hand friendly birds.

You risk them not getting along, and you risk them bonding with each other and not wanting you to handle them.

Do your research before purchasing. Visit the breeder often. Play with the birds, see how loud and messy they are. Find out how much it cost to take them to the avian vet every year and to feed them high quality pellets daily.

Also, look at how much it cost, and where you are going to purchase, SAFE wood toys for the bird to destroy. You also need to provide a large cage with different kinds of perches so their feet will be healthy.

If the bird can talk, the bird can scream. Birds are noisy and very messy. You probably know this, but so many people purchase a bird without thinking about 20 - 80 years of feeding, caring, and listening to the bird.

Also, if you leave town often, take into account where you are going to leave the bird, or who will come and spend several hours a day playing with your bird.

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