purchase of playgym

I have 1 conure, 1 cockatiel, and for now 9 budgies and need an easy to clean play gym they can't destroy. Is there any way possible I could purchase the acrylic one?
I have no intention of trying to re-sell it.

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Dec 31, 2012
purchase of playgym
by: Anonymous

I would suggest a natural wood playgym. They have a tray at the bottom of it which you can fill with bird litter, making it easy for clean up.

Birds naturally chew. Being a bird owner, this is something you will have to accept. A natural wood playgym provides different sized perching branches for your birds which would prevent arthritis in the birds feet later in life.

You can choose different wood hardnesses for it.

Also, if you're on a budget a quick playgym idea is to build one yourself.

When I first got my bird, cage, toys, food, wellness vet exam, it got costly for me, but I wanted my bird to have freedom and not always be in her cage, So I made a temp playgym for my bird out of PVC pipe. I've seen many ppl do it in fact.

I've seen a few videos on youtube about how to make a playgym out of PVC pipe for your bird. The cost is minimal. Just make sure the playgym is stable. You shouldn't need any glue to construct one. (Glues can be hazardous to your bird) the pipes should fit snuggly together. You can drill holes in the pvc pipe add an eye screw to hang toys from, or to put in feeder bowls.

Please be sure to wash all PVC pipe really well before you construct a playgym, to remove any residues which can cause your bird to become sick. As hardware stores are full of dusts, and allergines which are not good for your bird as well.

For a pvc playgym you can place a sheet under it to catch droppings, and for easy clean up.
Please note: it could take your birds time to adjust to a playgym, be patient, and never force the birds to be on it until they get used to it.
Hope this helps.

Dec 30, 2012
Purchase a playgym for birds
by: Tracie

I do not know what acrylic one you are talking about, sorry. If it is appropriate for the birds you have, then it would be fine to purchase it.

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