Purchasing an M2

by Saad

i have a natural instinct with birds. my brother was tricked into buying two wild-caught african greys who screamed their heads off at the slightest sign of movement. in two weeks, they were sitting on my lap eating food off my hand.

i cured a year old ring neck from his biting problem in two days. he still remains on edge but doesn't bite anymore. i bought a cockatiel from a very mishandling pet shop (she drew blood in my first encounter with her) and in one day, she now steps up to my hand when i place it in front of her.
i wanted to buy a moluccan cockatoo but i got scared after reading a site (mytoos.com)
i love parrots and know i can handle it but still there was a lot of not-so-good stuff written about 2's
please advise.

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Oct 05, 2012
To get a cockatoo or not question
by: Tracie

It is a good sign that you are so seriously considering the good and potential problems of owning a cockatoo.

Please understand that quality websites run by people that care about birds will usually tell you all the bad and not hold back because it is so important people pay attention.

Most people want to focus on the good, that they will have a bird that is friendly, can talk or whatever. They often don't want to focus on the potential problems so they purchase a bird and end up giving it away when problem arise.

Yes, cockatoos are loud, can give a nasty bite that requires a hospital visit, are expensive to care for etc. They are also lovely, smart birds that can be trained to not bite as long as the humans respect them and are not selfish or abusive.

If you are willing to give the bird the time it needs for relationship and training, you have the money to care for the bird and have a way to care for the bird for up to 80 years, then go for it. :-)

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