Putting different birds in the same cage?

Hi, I have a 6mnth old Indian ring neck and 4 peach faces, was wondering if I can put them all together in the same bird aviary?

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Mar 03, 2012
by: marie

i have just bought two love birds and they have done nothing but fight i am getting them a bigger cage as the one that came with them is to small is there any way the fighting will stop coz wen there not fighting there really loved up with each other any advise would be appreciated ty

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Feb 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much Linda..
I will not put them together :)

Feb 08, 2012
Putting different birds in the same cage?
by: Linda

No, putting them together in same cage is a very bad idea because the larger bird will hurt the smaller ones.

Also, your Lovebirds will need a very large cage if they are caged together. They have to be able to fly from one side to the other in cage, so it will need to be a 4 to 5 foot square or at least 4-5 feet wide and deep so they can actually fly. Lovebirds also fight among themselves, and overcrowding any kind of bird is a recipe for fights to the death with many injured. This means dead birds and/or many trips to the Avian Vet for the injured ones. They need a large cage with separate feeding stations so there is no fighting.


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