Putting Senegals together?

by Jay

I have two Senegal parrots. They are both about 5 years old. Both spent their entire life, in a home as the only bird in the house. I want to put them together. The first one's cage is big enough for two, and the second one's cage is not a great cage.

I kept their cages next to each other for quite awhile, then let them both out at different times, then to letting them both out at the same time. They seemed to just do their own thing, and not pay much attention to each other. The one would even go on the others's cage, but they stayed far apart. Yesterday, I had one on one hand and the other on the other hand, and gradually got them close together. When I got them a few inches from each, they acted like they could not even see the other bird.

Do you think, they are "getting along" with each other or just so imprinted on humans that they don't react to another bird?

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Feb 24, 2011
Putting your birds together
by: Tracie

Jay, you have made VERY good progress with your birds. This is how we did it with our conures and eventually they did live together. One was definitely "the boss" but they got along great and I am they had each other.

People say there is a risk that your pets will like each other more than you, if you allow them to share a cage. That has not happened with any of our birds. We always strive to have two birds together, because they are flock creatures and we feel it is best for them. We decided if they enjoy each other more than us, that is fine too. Fortunately all our birds still enjoy us along with their cage mates. This may not be the case with your birds, however.

At this stage you can put them both on the outside of the larger cage, with a set of 1 food dish and 1 water bottle on opposite sides of the cage. Allow the birds to play and go in and out of the cage and see what happens.

If they end up in the cage and both eat and/or drink without a major argument, they will likely be fine together. It is okay if they have a bit of a squabble, like one bird chasing the other with a peck to get it away from a food dish, as long as the other bird is allowed to eat from the food dish on the other side of the cage.

If the above works out, I suggest you STILL keep them in separate cages another day or two, until you have the time to sit with them all day long with them in the cage to make sure they will get along for hours on end in the same cage.

Feb 24, 2011
Putting Senegals together?
by: Linda

I highly recommend you get a decent cage for the other bird and keep them separated. Birds who like each other, interact with each other in the form of play and grooming each other. These two sound like they barely tolerate each other, so do not put them together in a cage. What you see now is two birds who won't get along once put together in a cage. Get your other bird a better cage and keep these two apart for life. Just because birds are the same species, does not mean they all like each other. Birds are like people in that they make choices about who to like and not to like, and there are many people I would not want to have to live with.

By the way, this has nothing whatsoever to do with imprinting. It has to do with whether they really like each other or not, and in this case, it is they tolerate each other and do not fight while outside of cage which is a very good thing.


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