putting two conures together

by Melisa

Would it be possible to put a 2 year old sun with a 1 year old fancy green cheek? what is the possiblility that they would get along? The sun has been raised with its cage next to other parrot species and the green cheek really seems to like other birds that come to visit.

I realise that there is a size difference here and I wondered if there is a huge chance of bullying or one of them being killed by the other. I have two seperate cages for them, should I start by putting them side by side? How long should I do that for? Do you think they will ever be able to be in the same cage?

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Apr 04, 2011
Putting two conures together
by: Tracie

Yes, it is possible they will be able to share a cage. Since you already have them in separate cages, you are off to a great start.

First you will need to allow them to play together outside their cages in a neutral zone. Be ready to rescue a bird if one or both charge each other to fight. Be ready to be bit yourself for doing this. ;-)

Once they get along outside the cage, you can move them to the top of the cage you want them to share to play. Make sure you have two food dishes and two water bottles inside the cage, because they may not want to share. Put them on opposite sides of the cage, so that if one bird gets chased from one side, it can still get food and water on the other side.

Once the birds have climbed down inside the cage and not attacked each other, then you can allow them to be in the cage every day for a few hours to make sure they can regularly get along. After a week or so of getting along, then you can shut the door and let them be together.

Realize that it is possible they will bond with each other and not like humans as much or maybe not at all. If you are willing to have two birds that bite you and just want to be together with each other, then proceed with caution and maybe they can live together.

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