PVC pipe poisons - bird safe?

by Tracie

Someone asked this question of me recently, is there anyone out there the knows the answer?

"I have read somewhere on the internet that PVC pipe contains toxic metals and chemicals that they use to make the pipes stronger, is this true?"

There are a LOT of bird toys and such out there made from PVC pipe. I personally know of someone that got very sick from her water supply running through PVC and had to have the pipes replaced.

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Dec 03, 2008
PVC not safe in any capacity, really
by: Anonymous

"DEHP, a phthalate used to soften PVC plastic that can leach from PVC medical devices, is linked to reproductive birth defects and other illnesses, according to animal studies."

from Health Care Without Harm

"Furthermore, toxins within PVC can be released in our homes and enter our bodies, including deadly dioxin and worrisome phthalates, which were banned in children's toys by 2007's AB 1108 (Ma)."

from CAWS

Passage of bill AB 1108 (Ma) to ban pthalates in children's toys:

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