Quaker acting like a baby bird

My three year old Quaker is suddenly acting like a baby bird. No other things have changed with the personality, temperament or diet. It seems that when I am eating, she won't take what I offer her but flies to my shoulder and starts pecking at my mouth because she wants to be fed from it. She bonded with me and would not go near anyone else except now when my husband is eating she will fly to him and demand food from his mouth too.

Every time the bird hears a package crackle or silverware and dishes clanking, she chirps for food, even when she's covered for the night. She gets a variety of fruits, veggies, seeds and pellets so she can't be hungry. I have been trying to eat in secret because she is so obnoxious about joining in. Meals were always a family affair and she would eat her food or come down and eat from a little dish I prepared for her but suddenly that's not good enough and she has to try and eat from our mouths. Even when I don't have anything in my mouth she's pecking away at it looking for food.

What can I do to stop this? She doesn't take no for an answer and gets really mad.

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Mar 22, 2013
Parrots wanting to be our BABIES forever!
by: Anonymous

lol, reading your posting reminds me of our parrot, we have an sun conure that will turn 2 in July of this year. She has regressed! Yes she all of a sudden wants to be babied and fed, she goes through this little moments of acting like an infant, we just don't give into it. Everytime she starts acting WEIRD, we put her back in the cage and leave the room or continue about our business. She gets rewarded and loved and kissed when she acts her age. lol. Tracie nailed it. Just be consistent. You may think your efforts are going no where but believe me out of nowhere she will get it! They think! lol. / Make connections...they train! Good luck! xxxx from our Parrot home to yours!

Mar 21, 2013
Quaker wanting to eat from mouth
by: Tracie

First of all you can trim her wings so that she can't get to you. Next, train her that what she is doing doesn't make you happy and reward her for something that does make you happy so she can have something to get your attention and approval.

We have some training and health articles on our Parrot Training page that is a good place to start.

Please make sure your bird is eating 80% high quality pellets and only 20% healthy treats and that includes the seeds. We don't even start to offer seeds or treats until our birds have eaten most of their pellets. :-)

Our birds keep trying to train US to give them seeds and treats before they are done with their pellets, but we just stir the pellets and tell them, "you better eat up" and eventually they start eating the pellets. LOL You have to treat them like 2 year olds, you can't give in to their whining and complaining because their health is at stake.

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