Quaker acting weird - flying into kitchen

by Angela

I have had my Quaker parrot for three years. Just yesterday she has been acting weird. I have an open-area small house and she has freedom to fly from dining room to living room to be with us. All this time she's been happy with just that but yesterday she started flying into the kitchen. It does not have a door and is connected to the dining room. She seems to be only landing on my butcher block cabinet. I have had the same cabinet since she's been with us and the only things on top are a ceramic kitchen utensil holder, a knife block and an upright divider that holds bills. When she flies there and I try to get her off, she gets really angry and bites hard. I put her back to cage and she flies over again and again. I tried putting several things on or near the cabinet to discourage her from flying there but she does it anyway.

I don't want to lock her up all day but I do not want her going into the kitchen because it's not safe. This morning, as soon as I opened the cage to feed her and clean it, she flew to the cabinet. I remembered she's afraid of my Swiffer Wet Jet mop and I put that in front of the cabinet and so far she has stayed away from it. The kitchen does not have any windows and is always dark unless I'm in there, but even the darkness doesn't discourage her. I was going to temporarily hang a sheet in the doorway until she gets over this little obsession as I do not want to have her wings clipped.

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Jun 10, 2013
by: Angela

Linda, thanks for getting back to me. I am going to buy a tension rod and hang curtains in the doorway (looks better than a bedsheet!) The bathroom and bedroom both have doors that I can close if she chooses to explore those rooms. Too many dangerous things in kitchen and since she's not familiar with that room, there's no telling what she will land on. I have never allowed her in there. especially when I'm cooking. I hope other bird owners take heed of this and never allow their birds in the kitchen or on their shoulder while they are cooking. Just like children, birds are unpredictable in their behavior and can get seriously injured.

Jun 09, 2013
Quaker acting weird - flying into kitchen
by: Linda

Yes, hanging the sheet is a great idea and may need to be permanent. You are correct in that kitchens are not safe places for birds, and I know of many serious accidents that have happened with parrots in kitchens.Unfortunately some have been fatal, so your concern is valid. Bathrooms are another unsafe area for birds.

As for her new found interest, she's probably just getting bored with the dining/living room thing and now wants to find out about rest of house which is not a good idea. Birds are like kids in that they have roughly the emotional/mental development of 4-5 year old human children, and we all know about those little characters. Birds always stay the same age in their minds, so always have to be watched and protected.

You sound like a wonderful Birdy Mommy, and the sheet will work to keep her out of the kitchen. If she decides to explore other rooms, you'll need to do the same thing. She needs the exercise of flying, and also needs to be protected from herself if you know what I mean.

Thanks for writing and keep in touch,

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