quaker and nanday conure mating

by melody

I have a nanday conure that I thought was a boy. Then I got a quaker and thought that one was a girl......now they have mated and the conure is sitting constantly on the 3 eggs! Does this prove that the nanday conure is the girl? And the quaker is the boy??

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Feb 27, 2012
by: melody

Tracie: Are u sure the eggs won't hatch? These two birds are free to fly around the room and they tend to sit VERY close to one another. Now the conure is sitting on these eggs since the 17th of Feb. in one of those nesting boxes with the lid open. And the quaker goes close to the box too.

Feb 27, 2012
quaker and nanday conure gender
by: Tracie

Whatever bird laid the eggs is the female. And she didn't lay eggs because they mated, if they really did mate. Conures often lay eggs without even having a cage mate.

The eggs will not hatch, because the birds are not the same species. (You will note that there are not crow and cardinal mixes in nature.)

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