Quaker and toys

by Mary Ann
(New York)

My quaker Jade does not show much interest in any toys. I have had her for about 2 months. She is 3 yrs old and came from a neglectful home and was probably not introduced to toys or playing when she was little. Any suggestions on how to get her interested? All she seems interested in at the present time is my company.

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Jan 23, 2009
Getting bird to play with toys
by: Tracie

Hi Mary Ann,

Some birds do not play much with toys, but Quaker parrots usually like toys.

If I were you, I would provide a variety of toys. Have some preening toys (rope, paper, etc.), foraging toys, Popsicle stick toys and toys that make noise. You never know what kind he will like best.

Next, take the bird and the toy and have the bird watch you play with the toy. Then lay the toy down on the table, put the bird on the table, and sort of mess with the toy in a way that might make the bird want to come and see what your are doing or to do the same thing.

All birds are different, so I don't actually know what will work. We get our Bourke's to play with toothpicks by holding the toothpick and letting it take it from us. Then it drops the toothpick over the edge of the table and we start all over again. It doesn't like toys much either.

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