Quaker biting me, not husband?

by Sallyann
(St Louis)

We recently purchased a 5 yr old quaker and it bites me everytime I go near her. Now my husband on the other hand can hold her and pet her and nothing. It mimicks his kisses and talks to him. The problem is that I wanted the parrot and my husband does not. How can I gain his love and affection? Also, would it be ok to put a younger quaker in the same cage? I want to be able to train both of them to talk and do tricks. Please help. Thanks for your time!

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Dec 29, 2009
I agree with Linda
by: Anonymous

My first avian vet told me "Never get your pet a pet." If they end up not getting along, you have to maintain 2 separate cages, etc. I wouldn't get (or have) another fid to make up for the disappointment with the first one.

My CBC is also more bonded to my husband than me, them's the breaks. That's why I wanted a male, but male CBCs are almost impossible to find! I just accept it and play with her when she's willing, and unfortunately play the bad cop because my husband is a) unable to discipline her because she bullies and bites him if he tries, and b) birdy-whipped.
It helps if you're the one who provides her treats, etc. Then she sees you as a source of good things! She may never bond in the same way as with your husband, but at least she'll become more tolerant.

Sep 09, 2009
Quaker Hen
by: Linda

You have a mature female bird. She is bonding with your husband since he appears to be the only male around her. She can still be trained, and I suggest you take a look at some of the training materials out here and see if they can help you.It may appear she likes husband better, and it is not so much like as it is nature. She is a mature female, and he is the same only in male color, so this is about the birds, the bees and the sycamore trees!

As for keeping both birds in same cage, I would say no. Both will need their own cage as this is a safe place for the birds. Their cages can be close to each other, and if cages have playtops that would be great.

ONE VERY IMPORTANT ITEM ABOUT YOUR NEW BIRD. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE TWO OF THEM OUT OF CAGE WITHOUT CONSTANT SUPERVISION. Your now bird will probably be jealous of new bird, especially at first.When parrots are outside their cages together, they must be supervised.

Your new bird will be frightened at first, so give him time to settle in before too much excitement. Before training either one, make sure both have recently visited an Avian Vet to make sure both are healthy enough for training.

Your new bird will need to go immediately to an Avian vet as he may bring in an infection or internal/external parasite that will also infect your now bird. Birds should go to an Avian vet at least once a year and more often if you need their wings, beaks and toenails trimmed. Never let beaks and toenails overgrow as this is dangerous for the birds.

So, start looking at the training materials on the Parrot Training page, there are also other resources on the internet.A new bird may help her to feel that SHE also has a good friend to confide in and rely on.

Getting another bird to help keep her company is a good idea, just proceed with caution as far as them being together. Let both birds get used to each other in the safety of their own cages for a week or so before putting them together even for play. When you let them out of cage together for the first time, be standing there ready to intervene if your lady bird gets nasty with new bird. Birds are wild animals, and make sure both bird's cages and perches are the same height. If one bird is higher, this will cause trouble. Also keep your birds at your eyelevel--Height is important to birds, and if you are to remain in control, you must keep them at your eye level. To have them lower than that is intimidating to them as they are so small.

Thanks for writing and keep us posted. Hopefully you did not name your now bird a boys name, because you most certainly have a little girly girl there.


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