Quaker Biting

by Angela
(New York)

I have a four year old Quaker parrot who used to bite quite viciously and I have since trained her not to. However, within the last week she has taken to biting me when I feed her. She has never done this before.

I am able to clean the cage, water dish and feed her every morning without incident. When I give her lunch she bites my arm when I'm putting food in the dish. If I try to feed her a treat by hand, she will bite my finger when I offer the food. I have not changed anything in her diet and she was at her avian vet two weeks ago and got a clean bill of health. How can I stop this behavior?

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Aug 26, 2013
quaker biting
by: chaydel

Sounds like she may be having a territorial issue (stage) I'd let her see the food and if she begins to go for a bite, I'd let her see me not put it in her cage. Do speak with her the entire time. The word I use is "gentle."

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