Quaker diet

by Trish
(Lima NY)

I have a quaker and i can not get him to eat pellet food so i am continuing with seed that has a mixture of different shaped and colored bits in it. I feed him table food also, chicken, fresh brocc, carrot's and peas. He also has peanut butter on the crust of bread (very small piece with a small amt of pb)
he eats everything we eat except the toxic things of course. He has had long grain rice, pasta, all kinds of stuff... i just want to make sure he is getting the vitamins he needs. I am concerned about calcium. He acts find except for being spoiled. he hears me making dinner and he makes sure I don't forget to give him a taste...... thanks!

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Jun 18, 2008
Parrot diet
by: Tracie

Please read the article I wrote in our Parrot Training section. The link is below, but you will have to copy and paste it for it to work.


We also have an article about how to switch your bird to pellets under our Parrot Training section. You can find the Navigation Button for it on the left.

Colored pellets are usually colored with chemicals. Your bird may look healthy and pass exams, but the fact remains that your bird's tiny organs are having to work hard to clean the chemicals and that is not good for the bird. I believe it shortens their life and makes them open for cancer and other diseases, just like us.

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