Quaker doesn't like me

by Rebecca

My quaker is 8 months old and I can't touch his cage, change his food or water. He gets down low, flaps wings and screams at me until I back away. Even when I let him out of t he cage, he screams at me but them comes out of his cage and flys to my shoulder. My mum can do all these things and she doesn't get any noises or anything, is it a pecking order thing? I'm 27 and I don't think I have a domineering personality, is that the problem?

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Aug 25, 2011
quaker doesn't like me
by: Anonymous

quakers tend to be very cage territorial and don't want anyone near their cage. Once you get them out of the cage either on a stick or just opening the door, they are just fine, and like to be held.

Aug 15, 2011
Quaker aggression
by: Tracie

I know this must be disheartening and frustrating! With time and patience I believe you can win the heart of your bird. Please read the training articles on our Parrot Training page for more information on training your bird.

You will want to make sure you have studied material written about Quaker parrots, so you can understand what kind of cage they need, what kind of toys they need and what their body language is like. Quakers build huge elaborate nests in the wild and are typically in large flocks. They are very needy birds when kept alone. You are their only flock.

Spend time next to the cage eating and just sweetly talking to the bird until it is comfortable with you being next to the cage. It needs to understand you are not a threat. If you wear perfume or strong hair spray, you should not wear it around the bird. Sometimes strong odors cause birds to be aggressive. (This goes for air fresheners in the room also.)

Once the bird is comfortable with you near the cage, you can start trying to give it a healthy treat it prefers through the cage bars. Just keep moving slowly with getting closer and closer to the bird. Read the training material on out training page and get some books on Quakers at your local library too.

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