Quaker egg incubation time

by Victoria

I have a quaker lay her first clutch of 5 eggs at about 2 days apart. The first egg hatched on the 24th day and the second on the morning of the 25th day. It is 3 days later and the others have not hatched. What is a normal length of time to wait for the eggs to hatch?

Thank you!!

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May 13, 2018
my quaker
by: Anonymous

why my quakerlays egge but never sitt on them

Apr 16, 2018
Thanks for the help
by: Anonymous

Thank you for answering my question guy's

Apr 06, 2018
by: Tamara

Does a quaker partout have To have a mâle fertilize her eggs To be good ?? She is sitting on them now for 3 days do i leave them or take them away ???

Editor's note: Yes, there needs to be male to fertilize the eggs.

Aug 08, 2015
Eggs not hatched
by: Tracie

I suggest you candle them to see if there are live chicks inside.

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