Quaker first molt?

by Jessica Isley

about how old would a quaker be when it molts for the first time? i have a 4 month old quaker and i was just wondering

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Jan 01, 2010
Quaker Molt
by: Anonymous

Hi, again! We got Miss Elmo when she was 3 months old. She was a May hatchling so we got her in August. She did a light weight baby molt during August. Helping baby feathers and down out and first year feathers in. She does a light weight molt around August / September and the big springtime molt usually around April. We used to full time in our 5th wheel trailer and that got her system all confused sometimes. But she manged to keep it all under control. lol She would be growing winter down in MO and we would head to AZ... then the down had to come out. Birds are amazing at how well they 'handle' things.

Dec 14, 2009
Quaker first molt?
by: Linda

Molting is done in relation to the seasons. They start molting toward the end of summer and again in spring when weather starts to warm up some. Your bird may molt at around 6 months or wait for spring to come around. Molting takes a while to complete. All old feathers must come out, and then the new shafts start pushing their way out of the skin so the birds are uncomfortable until the molt is finished. Make sure you are feeding a high quality diet of organic pellets. Tracie carries several out here. The better the diet, the better a bird's skin and feathers will be. A well-fed bird's feathers are bright, shiny and very full-colored.

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