Quaker hissing and lunging

by Sylvie
(Canon City, CO)

We went away for 5 days leaving our Quaker to be tended to by family. When we came home he was exstatic to hear my voice, and was very affectionate but, he has started hissing and lunging for no reason. Is he just mad that we were gone, or do you think my family members intimidated him in some way? Also, we he get back to his normal sweet self?

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May 29, 2009
by: Linda

Your little Darling is simply as mad as a hatter at being left at all. He does not understand that his lot could have been worse, like being left at the vet! Your family most likely did the best they could do, and nobody is going to measure up to Mom. He will most likely settle down once he is assured that you aren't going to be leaving again anytime soon. Just keep reassuring him that you are back, you love him above all others, and I think all will be well.

Many years' ago, husband and I took a 3-day trip out of town and had to leave a room full of parrots for his sister and her son to care for. The smaller birds were supplied with lots of extra food, and they just had to change their water daily. My Scarlet Macaw, however, had to have "full-service" daily.First day, he pushed out of the cage soon as they opened it, and they were TERRIFIED of this big red,yellow and blue monster on the floor.I had thought this could happen so had placed a large perch next to his cage.They were terrified, but did get him on a stick to be put back in cage so they could finish food and water.Sherlock did not try anymore "cute" tricks with them for the next few days.Their eyes were very large when telling the story of how Sherlock broke out of jail when we returned.It was hard not to laugh, but we had to keep straight faces until they left!!!
PS Sherlock bit the crap out of us for about two weeks after that and then finally mellowed out!!!!!

May 28, 2009
Me too...
by: Sandy

I left my Quaker and he did the exact samething. He was lovey at first then turned into a lil devil. Dont worry he was his self in a week or so.. Good luck!

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