Quaker leg raising

by Laura

My Quaker is about a year old. She will fluff her feathers, lift one leg toward me and regurgitate at the same time. If I offer my finger, she will grasp and let go, put her foot down then do it all again. Is this sexual behavior?

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Jan 26, 2012
Quaker raising leg and fluffing up
by: Tracie

No, this does not sound like breeding behavior to me. The regurgitating does sound like behavior showing it prefers you. Lifting one leg may just be a sign it wants you to pick it up.

To discourage the regurgitating behavior, you can say, "noooooo" in a low calm voice and return the bird to it's cage and turn your back on the bird. Wait a minute, turn back around and get the bird back out if you want. Just be consistent to tell the bird "nooooo" and showing your disapproval. The bird will eventually get the picture that doing this will only result in being separated from you.

We have training articles on our Parrot Training page that will help you teach your bird alternative behaviors.

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