Quaker noise

by PJtime
(British Columbia Canada)

I have a quaker parrot, he has been doing well and fairly quiet until I got another bird, now he screams all the time, we give the quaker more attention now that before so he doesn't feel neglected but now he screams, what can we do

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Mar 12, 2011
Quaker parrot upset
by: Tracie

Your parrot sounds like it is jealous, or doesn't like the new bird. There are endless ideas to try, sorry. The best, and most time consuming, is teaching your bird a nifty trick to replace the screaming.

We have some articles on our Parrot Training page you can read for some ideas.

You may need to move the new bird to another room for a while and slowly get the birds used to each other.

Hopefully someone that has gone through this and found something that worked for them will read this and give their ideas.

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