Quaker Parrot 10 weeks old

by Karina
(New York)

so my quaker parrot is 10 weeks old, she is having a type of liquid poop and she also has a hard time balancing on my finger, she always seems to tip over and then cuddle with me . . is there something wrong? also feeding on kaytee hand feeding formula.

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Jul 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

Balence issues noticed (I.e.: bird swaying on perch, cant stay on perch, prefers or stays on floor of cage when sleeping or always, ECT...) is 100% of the time a good reason to take them to the vet, because they ARE SICK.

Feb 06, 2014
Quaker Parrot 10 weeks old
by: Z

For the poop irregularities, I'd take your baby into the avian vets. Get an avian cage to transport her to the vets in. Not just a dog carrier. This will keep her out of her runny pooh. Line bottom of the cage with WAX paper. Newspaper will soak up the liquid. Making it difficult for the vet to assess the poop. Wax paper will allow the vet to witness what the issue is, and take a proper sample for testing.

At 10 weeks old a baby bird is still learning to perch. When she's on your hand trying to balance, she falls towards you for cuddles because she considers you safe!
Least my bird did/does this, and she's two now, but still does it. My avian vet assured me she was healthy, she was just affectionate, after a good long exam tested for everything.

Remember, it takes time for your bird to learn to perch. They don't just pop out of the egg knowing how to do this, and balance. Give her time with that. If you feel better about it... then consult the avian vet at her visit, just to make sure everything is okay.

Good luck!

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