Quaker parrot aggressive when I touch her toys

by Angela

I have a three year old Quaker named Rocky. She gets very aggressive when I give her something to play with. She likes to play with coins, spoons, parrot toys and a lot of other things. She does throw them off the table onto the floor and when I pick them up to give back to her, she bites me. She is protective of her cage and I am the only one allowed to touch it. How can I get her to stop biting me when I return her toys to her?

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Feb 08, 2013
Quaker parrot aggressive when I touch her toys
by: Linda

Parrots, like all animals, learn by repetition, and Tracie's suggestion about putting bird in cage when she bites and then beginning again with exercise is called repetition. Do not make training sessions any longer than 10-15 minutes at a time because birds become tired and stop learning anything if sessions go longer. Exercises can be done several times a day, and the shorter lessons are learned better if you stop before bird becomes tired or bored.

When training any animals, lavish praise on them for ANYTHING done right. Do this in your everyday interactions with birds because they love to hear praise, and finding something to praise them about builds self esteem and their trust in you. Most of our pets want to please us, and they also want attention, and it does not matter if that attention is negative or positive so long ss they get it. Provide many opportunities for your bird to do the rigt thing, and use this technique during the training too. Soon, you'll see your bird doing more of the positive behaviors and less of the negative though time it takes varies depending on bird.

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Feb 08, 2013
Bird doesn't like to share
by: Tracie

This is not totally unusual. Birds can become cage aggressive and possessive of anything they deem to be theirs. With time a patience you CAN teach them a different behavior, but also respect their wishes.

We have some training articles on our Parrot Training page that will help you.

You will need to specifically work with handing your bird items and then giving lots of praise, or something positive, when it doesn't bite. If it does start to bite, then you say "nooooo" in a calm, low voice as you return the bird to the cage. Don't wait long to get the bird back out and start all over again.

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