Quaker Parrot and new adoptee

by Shasha
(New jersey)

Hi I have a quaker who is about one. I found him when he was maybe 6 months old he had not gone through his forst molt yet. We (boyfriend and myself) have since fallen in love with him and he has grown attached to us as his small flock of 3 with a preference for me :)

I have been considering adopting a parrotlet or a senegal or another smallish bird as a companion for Uptown (our quaker). I often feel sad when we have to leave him for any length of time during the day and was thinking it might be nice for him to have a friend who is a bird so they can do "bird things" together. I understand a second bird would be more work for me but I honestly would not mind the work especially if Uptown would be happier with a companion more like him in his life. You know people often have more than one dog, cat, or lets face it, human child, for this reason and I was wondering if it was the same with birds, do they like being with other birds and not an 'Only Child'?
Any advice would be soooo appreciated.
Thank you!
-Sasha and UPTOWN

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Sep 29, 2008
Adding a new bird
by: Tracie

It is best to purchase a bird that you want with plans that it will forever live in a separate cage and need your attention. Otherwise if they don't get along you will be re-homing the new bird if you don't see it as YOUR bird.

There is always a possibility that two birds of the same species will not even like each other. When we attempted put our two Green Cheeks together they ran at each other with open beaks for some time.

Just having a bird in the same room in a separate cage will provide company for the bird. So purchasing a bird that you would like to have in addition to the bird you have now would work out great.

If they some day wish to live together, then make sure the cage is plenty big for lots of toys and perches and separate food dishes.

Sep 28, 2008
Flock of 3

Sasha, my husband and I are also part of our sun conure's 'flock of three'... and I don't think he'd want it any other way. We work during the day but he's in a large cage with plenty of toys and has a window to look outside. When we're home he's out of the cage and flies to both of us, gives us kisses, is potty trained and at night sleeps in his other cage in our bedroom. They do need lots of attention and switching toys in and out of the cages does keep them occupied. We were worried at first that he'd become attached to just one of us, but after almost 5 years, he shares the love equally in the flock. If you do get another bird, do research first. I know first hand Sun Conures are very loud birds and most birds tend to mimic each other.

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