Quaker parrot biting all of sudden..

by Kate
(United states)

My little quaker yoshi, started to bite (not hard)
but tries to attact whenever i try to touch him.

im always with him and lets him out of the cage
and play with him frequently,

and i brought him home since he was 5 weeks old,
hand-fed him myself. and have NO idea why he is doing this to me. he still fly to me and sits on my shoulder but aggressive behavior is becomming
more often.

please tell me....

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Jul 30, 2010
Shoulder biting bird
by: Anonymous

I have a Blue Crown, does the same thing, as he aged. It's a territorial thing. He now only gets to sit and ride on a finger. If I look at him, he will draw blood. Don't look at him when riding, or finger riding. I totally ignore him when on the finger. He takes good care of his finger now, because if he bites it, he knows he doesn't get to ride. But the shoulder, he still doesn't get to ride there. But DO NOT LOOK AT HIM WHEN ON YOUR SHOULDER, its an aggression thing, and you are challenging him.

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