Quaker Parrot has strange feathers

by Alyson Savage
(Lacey, WA)

I have an 8 yr old female Quaker parrot. Ive recently noticed on the base of her neck she has a clump of feathers that is black, and then several down the side of her neck. She also has some feathers missing. She is molting right now. She seems healthy and does not seem bothered by it. I was touching it and she could of cared less. Just wanted to see if anyone had any clue as to what this was. I can not find anything about it online. Thanks!

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Sep 14, 2011
Parrot with strange black feathers
by: Tracie

Are these feathers hard, like in a stiff sheath? If so, they are new feathers coming in. We call them blood feathers, because they still have a blood supply going to them.

You can provide water for bathing or mist your bird to help soften the outer sheath so the new feather can emerge, leave it alone, or gently "pinch" the individual feathers when the sheath is soft to help the sheath fall away.

If these are truly black feathers, then it may be nutritional or something. Please Find an Avian Vet for your bird if this continues. Birds that eat 80% Harrison's or Roudybush pellets will not have nutritional problems, so if your bird is eating high quality pellets you don't have to worry that it is nutritionally related.

If your bird is eating colored pellets, ZuPreem or other high sugar and chemical pellets, then it could be nutritional.

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