Quaker Parrot Hates Everything!

by Danielle
(Tampa, FL)

I've had my Quaker, Esther, for 6 months now. She's about 2 years old (according to the family I purchased her from). They warned me she would "take time." In the 6 months she has lived with me, my conure, and two cats, she has become a tad more social, but she hates everything. She refuses to eat fruits or veggies and tosses all treats out of her bowl. She eats her pellets regularly and enjoys those treat sticks.

I had a large cage for her, but she literally stood in the same place all day, so I downgraded to a smaller cage. I leave the cage door open 24/7; I am gone about 10-12 hours a day, and she is always right where I left her (I could never leave my conure's door open). She lets me preen her and "pet" her, and she has never bitten me (unlike my crazy conure). She hates being on me though and will fly down in seconds (again, unlike my Velcro conure).

I have outdoor play areas for her that she goes on, but just sits in the same place for hours. She refuses to bathe, so I mist her, which I cannot tell if she enjoys or not. She doesn't exhibit anxious behavior such as feather plucking, so I am continually baffled by whether or not she hates her life with me or not. I have taught her to "step up," which she will only do on a stick, and "kisses," where she indifferently moves her beak to my mouth. Not to mention I've showered her with a perpetual variety of toys, all which she ignores.

She is occasionally vocal and will respond to me when I talk to her. She just hates everything. I'm not sure if I should be concerned, and what I should try next.

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Aug 03, 2011
Quaker problems
by: Tracie

If your parrot is eating a quality pellet, like Harrison's or Roudybush then it doesn't need anything else, especially if it doesn't want anything else. I think we humans think animals are like us, and they just are not. Don't sweat it, you are doing great!

I suggest you put the bird back in the bigger cage and keep the door shut, unless you have a bird safe house with NOTHING toxic at all in the house. Also, you must not have any pictures hanging on walls, or sitting on tables that might fall when the bird lands on them. If you have anything metal at all, you will need to test all the metal in your home too.

If you have not taken your bird to an avian vet, that would be a good idea. If your bird is sick, that would explain it not feeling like doing anything. But, your bird may just be a calm bird and what you determine as happiness may not be the same as your bird. She may not hate anything, she simply just doesn't like the things you think she should.

The vet visit is a must, if your bird has not seen an avian vet to rule out illness.

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