Quaker parrot missing feathers

I found a quaker parrot that seems to be a juvenile, it has no feather on its bellly or underneath it's wings, the skin underneath her swings seems very red and irritated. She also has a white bubble on her neck? Is it possible that her feathers will grow back or should i be worried and take her to the vet.

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Sep 18, 2009
Missing feathers
by: Linda

The lack feathers is not as serious as is the irritated skin and the bubble on her neck. YES, PLASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH AN AVIAN VET AS SOON AS IS POSSIBLE. This bird may have flown away from home and become lost. There is no telling what all is wrong with her, and it sounds like she may have a parasite that is irritating her skin or has had a chemical of some kind thrown onto her. The bubble in her neck is also of concern and needs to be looked at, though it can also be from a chemical burn. Basically, she needs to be checked for parasites inside and out, bacterial infections and find out what the bubble on neck is.

Some people are very cruel to their parrots, and this one may not be as young as she is abused, so please get her to a vet as soon as you can.

Also, get her on a high quality pelleted diet like Harrison's, and Tracie carries their products out here. They also make a wonderful birdy bread mix which uses the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor Tracie also has on-site. It takes time to change a bird over to pellets if they have been eating only seeds, so follow directions and go ahead and get her a nice high quality seed mix for the change over.

Thank You for taking her in, and you need to get a book about your bird if you are new to birds. She will need as large a cage as you can get and nice natural branch perches and safe toys.Make sure bar spacing on cage is correct for your bird's size. Same with the pellets.

Let us know how everything goes, and you are and will be very much blessed for taking her in. Yours may be the first decent home she's ever had!


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