Quaker Parrot Name Einstein

by Grim Dragon

My hubby and I got Einstein in TX. He was a little baby when we got him.

The year he hatched is 2006.

Einstein is a 2 person bird.

Einstein loves to cuddle with me.

Einstein is very loud wen it is time to eat, look out you can here him from Mars.

Einstein will go to other people but
he will try to come back to me.

He does not like to be around other people with out me or my hubby there.

Living with Einstein is like living with a 3 year old kid. He will test you to see what he can get away with.

Einstein is a biter when he plays and when you try to give him a time out.

Einstein is a loving bird but you have to discipline him like a child.

Quaker Parrots are not for little kids. Quaker parrots are for 17 + for you have to take care of them like it was your child. If you think your ready for a baby get a quaker parrot. They are a hand full.

Einstein is very will behaved and very loving and a lot of that is by disciplining him and not letting him get away with things.

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Aug 15, 2018
My Angela
by: Anonymous

Hello I have a Quaker beautiful green body she has a gray brest. And talks a lot she says several things like "I love you" "what" "sneezes and says "bless you". We taught her to say little baby. She is like a three year old child. She does bite but not to hurt just to taste you to understand what it is she's feels and sees. We just recently purchased her from a friend who could not care for her the way she needs. We finally got her to come out of her cage. She loves to play in the floor. She also loves to dance. It's so cute. My advise if you have a Quaker is just to be patient with her/him. Be stern on biting tell her/him no in a loud but not yelling tone "No Bite". Walk away for five to eight minutes. Return and play again repeat if nessary. Yelling at your bird is not going to change the biting. Blow in face be stern "No Biting". She/he will give you the best pleasure in love and laughter. Always care for our animals remember they are a gift from god.

Jul 09, 2016
Colony of Parrots
by: Anonymous

I live in Polk County TX and there is a large colony of Quaker parrots here. I see them frequently in my yard and recently it seems they are going in pairs, they have build a nest in a large tree and I can see them daily. I wonder if they will lay eggs and hatch babies? Their noise is terrible when several around. Just don't know how to get them to leave.

Editor's note: They will likely continue to breed and expand in their numbers.

Jun 19, 2012
Jenni is my baby forevermore!
by: Lady Bird Lover

One day, five years ago, I sauntered into an area pet store to purchase cat food. Lo & behold, there was Jenni talking away on the cashier's shoulder. She was quite lively and friendly. I asked permission to have her perch on my shoulder and she was placed on my shoulder. I left the store that day with my baby Jenni.

Jenni is such a great companion! I've called her my little stalker, because whatever room I'm in, she is surely to follow me, perching on my head or shoulder. Even when I've taken a nap, she'll fly out of her cage and sit quite contently on my shoulder blade until I awaken.

I adopted a dog two years ago, and I believe Jenni became jealous of the attention that I was showing the dog. She began to lay eggs in her cage ( non-fertile). I was simply amazed. Has anyone had that occur with their Quaker parrot? I hope that my baby lives a very long life, as I'd be lost without her company!

Jul 25, 2011
My Dusty!
by: Janet and Dusty

Has anyone ever had a worry with thier Quaker getting brown spots all over his wings???? I am a bit alarmed at Dustys beautiful feathers suddenly having this difference???? He is 11 years old and has really adjusted well. although when we rescued him at the SPCA he was 9 and says very, very, little. Pretty bird and thank you is it...but i still a d o r e him!!!!!

Editor's Note: This is a health issue. If your bird is not eating 80% quality pellets, like Harrison's then it has health issues. Switching Birds to Pellets article

May 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have a female quaker parrot named carmen, she is six months old:)

Apr 04, 2011
I like your story
by: Lorna

I realy like your story we just bought a green quaker parrot two weeks ago.My quaker parrot's name is Gypsy and Gypsy is around 8 months to a year old so Gypsy is still younge.I do not know if Gypsy is a boy or girl but Gypsy has been the best purchase i ever made.Gypsy is a very funny bird as well.We tought Gypsy not to bite by saying no bite. When Gypsy gets on my dads shoulder Gypsy will let me pet him now and even let me take him, but get Gypsy on my shoulder no one i mean no one pets him or trys to take him/her away from me.Gypsy will start grummbling and try to bite.Which i say no bite streanly and he will lesson even though he/she keeps grumbling.Also if i try to make Gypsy do something that he/she does not want to do Gypsy will say i don't want to.How cute is that.Gypsy is a realy great bird and i love Gypsy so much.Gypsy is a talker already even though we do not understand him/her at times.We know Gypsy can say good bird, pretty bird.and i don't want to.I am teaching Gypsy his/her name and to say good night and good moring and alot of other things as well.

Feb 11, 2011
Quaker Parrot
by: Rayne

I have an Aqua Quaker, called Kiwi he is now eight months old and he so funny but he really loves his mummy. I believe these little birds are so under-estimated. We also have a Green Wing who is almost eleven and she enjoys the company they are always chatting to each other. Thakfully we don't have any neighbours!

May 14, 2009
I have one too
by: aida

I will like to see a picture of Einstein. I have one too. I named it Lolo! I really Love Lolo.

Sep 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

This bird sounds like fun :)
i like the name!

Aug 04, 2008
by: Jade

You FLICK his beak? That is a form of abuse, you NEVER flick a bird's beak, you can drop your hand slighty or blow in his face and say NO BITE. I also own a Blue Quaker that can become nippy and all I do now is show no reaction to his bite and just say NO BITE and he stops and puts his head down for a kiss and says GOOD BOY? NEVER EVER FLICK HIT SMACK OR SCREAM AT YOUR BIRD That is very bad advice to leave up on this site~

Editors Note: She doesn't say she flicks his beak, she doesn't indicate how she flicks him, but by the way she worded it I imagine that she uses her pointing finger to gently "flick" him. Thank you for noticing this, I have removed her comment.

Jul 26, 2008
Picture please?
by: Anonymous

I liked your story, I wish you had a picture too.

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