Quaker parrot nest on top of box

Thanks for comment Tracie.I think i need to explaine myself better. I bought the quakers as i thought they were nice birds.The guy i got them from said they were a breeding pair and gave me the breeder box with them.I know they build their nests in trees with twigs;so i was wanting to know why they would build on top if thats what they are doing? when they supposedly used the nest box.Also when 1 of them gets a twig puts it on box why does it tap on the side of the nest box. Thanks Kathy

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Aug 03, 2018
Not a breeder
by: Jim

Birds that r popular like sheep and cattle survive so why not just give good advice and stop protecting your own interests

Oct 02, 2012
quakers building nests
by: Anonymous

I adopted two male quakers a blue and a green they were housed separately in the previous home they were 2 & 3 at the time when they came to live with me I had 4 other birds each a diffrent kind of parrot to save space I housed the two quakers together they became best buddies both male and from day one began building they would take zip ties or any kind of rope anything bendable and weave the matierial along the cage they would pull the toys and swings and weave them into the project the weaved the food doors closed the roof the doors everything and anything if i took it out the next day they would weave it all back in they loved to weave one of them passed away this year at 9 from fatty liver and the remaining bird requires more attention & time from us now but he still likes to weave .

Oct 01, 2012
Quaker parrot nest on top of box
by: Linda

I am an experienced breeder and have not bred birds in a long time. The reason I stopped was knowing how flooded the markets of the world are with birds. These birds go into horrible living situations with people who do not care about them at all. A lot of them are abused, neglected and they die in pain and lonliness. Breeding birds costs a lot of money if done right. Birds have to be fed organic pelleted diet, babies have to be handfed, and all have to be taken to avian vet when ill or injured.

I suggest you take out box and start learning everything you need to know. Handfeeding with syringe is a learned skill so you'll have to apprentice with an experienced breeder to learn.

Breeding is expensive, and any profit is eaten up in high quality food, large cages, and regular trips to avian vets. If a breeder is making a profit, a closer look may show they are cutting corners on food and avian vet services. Also, birds are sometimes crowded into filthy, small cages. Babies born from this type of breeder are sick at birth, frail all their lives and very unhappy little birds.

So, take both your birds to be examined by Avian Vet ONLY. Take out the box and get busy studying to answer your questions and many more you don't even know you need to ask.

When you're ready to start getting birds on a healthy diet, write back in for food recommendations as well as how to go about making change from seeds to pellets. Birds have to be deemed healthy by an Avian Vet before any dietary changes can be begun.

You have a lot of work to do, and for now, please learn about your birds and enjoy them for just being themselves. You are blessed to have this opportunity, and enjoy.


Oct 01, 2012
Quaker building nest
by: Tracie

Hi again Kathy. I understand that you are not a breeder and that you were told the birds had used the breeder box before. The birds do not necessarily build in trees, they build huge nests in all kinds of places. They are a community bird, they build community nests sometimes. If they have access to sticks, maybe they like building a nest better than using a box.

So first of all you should not put a breeder box in the cage or give them any nesting material because you do not have the experience to breed the bird safely. You could lose the hen, some or all of the chicks etc.

I don't know that anyone will know why the bird taps on the box, by the way. Birds do what they do. I don't know why one of my birds makes a particular noise every morning when I turn on the light. It makes the noise over and over again for about 10 min. It just does. :-)

I hope this helps.

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