Quaker parrot pulling feathers out

why do quaker parrots pull out their feathers. My parrot is pulling out the feathers on its chest. someone told me it was because it was molting, another said it was because it has mites, and another said it was because it was lonely. we have mite spray...no help, we have molting solution...no help. all that's left is a buddy. what do i do? also, is there a way to tell a male from female. do both sexes talk.
sorry, that's 3 questions, not 1.

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Apr 03, 2013
Quaker parrott
by: Sealey

My baby, Colie, is 6 yrs, she has started pulling chest feathers. I assume shes a girl because she has now started going to my husband and pecking at me. She talks like a sailor, "Good morn, goog night, love u, calls the dog & cat, & everything else she has picked up. I just started a job, & not here in the am. Wondering if thats the cause for chest pulling. Help!

Editor's note: Read the articles on the other answer and get your bird to an avian vet right away. In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page.

Jan 07, 2009
Quaker pulling feathers out
by: Tracie

Please read the two articles below:

Bird Plucking help

Feather Plucking help

It is never normal for a bird to pluck. You will read in these articles some reasons and solutions, but you need to take your bird to an avian vet to determine the possible cause.

The only way to tell the gender of your bird is by doing a DNA test. This is something you can have done when you take your bird to the vet.

As far as talking goes, some talk and some do not. There are never any guarantees that a bird will talk if the bird is not already talking when you purchase the bird.

Our vet does not recommend any mite sprays or mite prevention, the poison can hurt the bird. It is unlikely that is the problem anyway.

When a bird molts, you can not tell where the smaller feathers have come from. You can only tell the wing and tail feathers. There should never be bald spots or "down" feathers only on your bird's body.

I hope this helps you and your bird.

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