Quaker parrot sexual behavior

by Angela

I have a three year old Quaker named Rocky. We assumed it was a male but the behavior lately leads me to believe it's a female. I know the only way to find out the sex of the bird is to have it tested at the vet, but it's not that important to me to know for sure, I was just curious.

Rocky has had a Happy Hut in the cage for the past year and has done nothing to it but lean against it once in a while. In the past week Rocky has taken to sleeping in the Happy Hut and is quite protective of it. Yesterday he was on a perch and began making loud breathing sounds and moving in slow motion, (almost like Tae Kwon Do) and started lifting the tail and rubbing his bum on the Happy Hut.

He/she also has an obsession with flatware spoons, often stealing them and arranging and hanging them on the cage like abstract art. I attribute the sudden love of the Happy Hut to a nesting instinct leading me to believe Rocky is female. What other behaviors do the birds have that distinguish between male and female or do both sexes act the same? Or do I just have a weirdo for a bird?

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Apr 04, 2018
by: Nikki

I have pair Quaker I just purchase like March .female and male when does breeding start? They had clushes before.

Jul 06, 2012
Quaker sexual behavior
by: Angela

Thanks for writing back, Linda. I would never think to breed my bird, I have my hands full with just one. Rocky was given to me by people who didn't understand birds and did not have the time and patience to teach him. They yelled and screamed at him and threw things at the cage because he was too noisy. Rocky has turned out to be one of the smartest and funniest birds I have ever owned. He is part of our every day life and it sure would be dull without him. It's sad to think about all the animals and birds in the world not getting good homes or proper treatment. I try not to think about it because it hurts my heart. Rocky's previous owners did the right thing by giving him away but they're sure missing out on having a great pet.

Jul 06, 2012
Quaker parrot sexual behavior
by: Linda

I would remove the happy hut and leave it out. A person lost their bird not long ago from it getting tangled in a loose string from one of these happy huts. The bird died hanging from the hut.Parrots do not need happy huts as they are quite comfortable standing on natural wood perches made from branches from safe wood trees.The happy huts are more for the people than the birds, and they are dangerous for the birds.

As for male or female, when males are doing their little "dance", they hold themselves very erect and kind of stiff, spread their tail feathers some and move back and forth slowly on perch. It is like saying, "Look at me and how gorgeous I am". The hens do not do this stiff walking routine and will usually bend over, raise their tail feathers as a gesture they are ready to breed.

Remove the happy hut, and then keep an eye out for any eggs. Your bird sounds more like a male than female to me, so hopefully there will be no eggs. You do not have to breed your bird because they do not have to be bred to be happy. Actually, people lose their "pets" when they pair them up for breeding because breeding birds go back to being in their wilder state and need their human companions less and less as they pair bond with a mate.

The other issue with breeding is the market is literally flooded with poor birds unable to find a decent home. Hundreds if not thousands of parrots end up in abusive/neglectful homes or are thrown away into bird shelters that are actually the 9th level of hell. If ever thinking about giving a bird to a shelter, make sure you do your homework on the shelter. Talk to people in the area where shelter is and visit shelter in person regardless of where it is before leaving a bird there. Some of these so called shelters for birds are like some of the ones for dogs and cats. They are run by uncaring people trying to get government money and other perks of having a non-profit status. The animals eat garbage for food and live in filthy areas and are not provided with medical services when needed.

This message is for anyone reading this. Once you decide on getting a parrot, YOU are responsible for making it work out for the bird's highest and best good. This means that you need to study and ask lots of questions before ever getting a bird. Birds are noisy, nippy and sometimes loud. They are exotic wild animals and will frequently revert back to their wild ways. Their people have to know exactly how parrots behave and why and be willing to make a solid commitment before even considering having one for a pet. There are too many of them suffering to do any less for them. All people are not supposed to have birds just like they are not supposed to have other pets or children, so make sure decision to have a parrot for a pet is an educated decision.

Thanks for writing,

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