quaker parrot sexual behavior

quaker parrot started humping the sheet that covers his cage. What does that mean?

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Jul 19, 2013
Breeding Behavior
by: Anonymous

We just adopted a 6 year old male grand eclectus parrot. He has decided to try and breed my arm the last couple of days. We have had him for about a week and is very gentle when he tries this behavior, but I wasn't sure what his arm breeding behavior is all about.

His previous owner said he tends to do this with the person he bond with the most in the household. I put him back in his cage or let him sit on top of it when he tries this behavior. He will wolf whistle at me, call me Momma, and make kissing noises at the same time. Can you help me understand this behavior and if there is something I should do about it?

Jul 16, 2013
quaker parrot sexual behavior
by: Linda

It simply means your bird is now sexually mature. It does not mean you need to breed it or anything like that. Sexual behavior with birds and other animals is instinctive and is a biological function to make sure the species survives. This means your bird does not have to be bred to be happy, and I highly recommend you not breed your bird, ever. There are too many birds in the market now. So many, in fact, that many are in abusive and neglectful homes. I would not want any of my baby birds in that situation which is why I no longer breed birds and have not for many years.

Your bird's behavior is not going to hurt anything. Birds and other animals are not caught up in sexual stuff like humans are. Breeding, whether it is animal or the animal called human is just a biological function and nothing to be overly concerned about. Always keep in mind that your pets are not human and do not need to ever be bred whether they are birds, dogs, cats or any other pet. Humans think that breeding is mandatory which it is not and this is why this planet is running out of resources for now and the future. Too much breeding hurts the world at large. Only humans keep breeding in the face of not enough food, water and space. Most wild animals refrain from breeding if resources are limited. We could take a lesson from them.

Thanks for writing,

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