quaker parrot squawking

by marlene
(greenville, sc)

Our quaker parrot squawks all the time. He gives us a headache he is so loud. what can we do. Not sure how old he is at least 15 years. He is diving us crazy.

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Jan 12, 2012
Parrot squawking all the time
by: Tracie

Is this a new behavior, or have you been putting up with this for 15 years? If this is a new behavior, then Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird, because it may be reacting to not feeling well.

If your bird has been doing this for 15 years, then you have a bit of a hard road ahead of you to train the bird to do something different to get your attention, but it can be done.

Please read the articles on our Parrot Training page for information on training your bird to replace the unwanted behavior with something you can tolerate.

Please keep in mind that Quaker parrots are large flock birds. They have it in their DNA to be with the flock and communicate. You are their flock. They also spend their days in the wild building huge nests along with foraging for food.

If your bird doesn't have straw or something to weave, chew or destroy, then provide some shreddable toys to keep it busy. You should also consider some foraging toys to keep your bird hunting and working for treats.

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