Quaker parrot strange breathing

by Josie

Hello, I have a 6 month old Quaker parrot. She likes to sit on her stand in the bathroom while I shower. When I got out she kept opening her mouth very wide, like she was yawning, but doing it over and over again. She didn't seem to be in distress. She was breathing normally, cheerful, and stopped after a few minutes. It wasn't unusually hot or humid or anything and I've never seen her do it before. Any idea what she might have been doing?
Thanks, Josie

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Nov 11, 2009
Quaker parrot strange breathing
by: Linda

Well, sounds like she WAS yawning. Yawning is caused by a lack of oxygen, so I'd keep her out of the bathroom which is not only a damp, humid place, but after the water has run hot for a while, most of the oxygen is holding water, and breathing too much wetness can cause pneumonia.

As for giving her a shower, I use one of the plastic plant sprayers with warm, not hot water in it. I warm the water in the microwave, then mix it with some cool water if it is too hot still. You can spray it on underside of your arms to see if it is too hot. If it kind of burns your arm, it is too hot. Anyway, put it on a setting she seems to like and hold sprayer above bird and give her a shower. On a nice warm day, my Amazons will have me wet them down really good, and on cold days like we're having now, I just make sure some of the dust is washed off and that their nose holes are wet enough for them to sneeze out any accumulated dust or dirt.It also washes off perches and toys at the same time plus adds some moisture to their room since the heat pump heat dries house out.

I think your bird is going to get sick with the showers and all because it is much cooler when we get out of the shower, and your bird will feel that too. Plus the bathroom is just not a healthy place for a bird to be in the first place.I know some people take their birds into shower with them, but there are better ways to give them a bath that are less problematic.

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