Quaker Parrot with a swollen pink eye

by Carrie
(Evansville, IN)

Hi. We went to cover up one of our Quaker Parrots,Otis, tonight and noticed that one of his eyes is swollen and pink...It wasn't that way this morning...We have no idea what it could be..Does someone know?..None of us have had pink eye, but have had a stomach virus...Could he have caught somethin? Our other parrot, Nana, is in the same room but a different cage and seems fine.Any help will be greatly appreciated...

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Jul 02, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Linda

Yes, your bird is sick and needs to be checked and tested by an Avian Vet. If this one is found to have a bacterial or viral infection, the other bird will also need to be brought in and possibly treated. Birds in the same room and/or cage usually get what each other has. Bacterial infections can be transferred to birds via other birds, humans, dogs, cats, etc. Some viral infections can be spread to them via coughing, sneezing or just breathing on them.

This is a case where you need to go ahead and make an appointment with the Avian vet and take your little one on in. Infections only get worse, not better. Birds are unable to "shake off" infections, and they worsen with time.

As I said, earlier, the other one may need to go in as well if this one is found to have infection it needs meds for.

Let us know how they do and thanks,

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