quaker parrot with amazon?

can an double yellow head amazon parrot live in the same cage with a quaker parrot?

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Apr 03, 2018
by: Anonymous


Feb 08, 2009
Quaker and amazon together
by: M.A.

The rescue where I adopted my 2nd quaker had a quaker dropped off that a larger parrot had attacked. It bit the quakers leg clean off, and also took one of its eyes out. Sadly, the little quaker did not make it.
Birds can turn on each other at anytime. What was good one day may not be good the next.
I personally do not think it is worth the risk.

Dec 13, 2008
Quaker and Amazon share a cage?
by: Tracie

It would not be recommended, but it is not impossible. You can't just put them together though, you have to let them play together and see if they even like each other.

Then, over a period of weeks, watch to see if there is any aggression at all. If they got in a tussle, the Amazon could kill the Quaker easily.

When you think they for sure are getting along, with close supervision put them both on - not in - the cage that you want them to both live in.

If they both go inside and are comfortable with each other, shut the door and watch them closely for a few hours. Be ready to grab out the Quaker and be quick to distract the birds with a water bottle on a strong mist or something to stop the fighting until you can get the Quaker out.

Always have gloves on so you can separate them without losing fingers to the Amazon.

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