Quaker Parrot with purple feet

by Kathy
(Shelby Michigan)

Our Quaker Parrot is non stop plucking. Now I notice his feet look purple at times. What could the problem be?

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Oct 15, 2009
Purple feet
by: Linda

First of all, YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS BIRD TO AN AVIAN VET IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER. The chronic plucking is a problem that needs to be addressed, and the best place to start is an Avian vet so bird can be checked for any health problems. THERE ARE HEALTH PROBLEMS HERE. The purple feet are a sign of something very, very wrong with your bird. What is causing the purple feet can also be causing the plucking.

PLEASE TAKE THIS BIRD INTO AN AVIAN VET AS SOON AS YOU CAN GET THE APPOINTMENT. Your bird is in bad shape and suffering as well.

Once health problems are addressed, THEN you can look at some of the links Tracie has about plucking and how to resolve it. First, though, this bird has to have any health issues taken care of. You cannot train a sick bird, and this one is in very bad condition. The longer you wait, the worse this will become up to and including the death of your bird.

When you first notice things that don't look right or normal, the first thing to do is take bird to an Avian vet. It will always cost less in the beginning rather than after bird has gone down with something. This could be a simple infection, so don't hesitate to help your bird. You are, after all, who he looks to for help when he needs it.


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