quaker parrots eggs just hatch

by linda
(dallas tx)

my quaker parrots have for eggs and one just hatch what do i do next do i get the baby parrot out of the cage what do i do

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Jun 21, 2011
quaker parrots eggs just hatch
by: Linda

Well, I am Linda and am too sick about this to rake you over any coals. The eggs will hatch every other day and allow the mother to feed her babies if she will. If she does not feed them, then you need to get them to either a breeder or an Avian Vet so their lives can be saved.

Your story is, unfortunately, one we hear and have heard way too many times. People who have not put in the work to learn how to breed and raise baby parrots need not even consider breeding them.

So, leave the babies alone and allow the mother to feed if she will. Eggs will hatch in the order they were laid which is every other day.

Consult a breeder or Avian Vet if you have problems with them and please do no more breeding until you know what you're doing. These are living creatures you're playing with and not stuffed toys that can be thrown in the trash once damaged. Please do your best to keep these babies alive and healthy and do no more breeding until you have done your homework.


Jun 20, 2011
Quaker parrot eggs hatching
by: Tracie

Oh how sorry I am that you allowed your birds to breed, when you have no clue how to care for them. :-( It is too late now, so I will not rake you over the coals. ;-)

Another nice lady named Linda, who may rake you over the coals, will answer this eventually. She was a breeder and will hopefully have some wisdom for you.

My only suggestion is for you to contact a good breeder in your area and get some in person help. You need to offer to help the other breeder and get some hands on experience. You need to get the number of their 24hr avian vet for emergencies too.

If your birds are not eating a healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's, then watch your bird closely for egg binding. Birds on Harrison's do not have egg binding because they are getting all the nutrients they need, but birds eating seed diets or colored pellet diets often have problems with egg binding. (Egg getting stuck and bird dies trying to lay the egg.)

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