Quaker plucking

Quaker before plucking

Quaker before plucking

Quaker before plucking
Quaker after plucking

My quaker is about 2-3 yrs old and she is a plucker. She will pluck her feathers out until she bleeds sometimes. It breaks my heart. I clean her wounds with hydrogen peroxide and i put triple antibiotic ointment. I also sometimes put someting around her neck to prevent her biting herself but eventually she will bite it so much that she will break it so that doesnt work.

Lately I have noticed that she will stand on top of the cage and lower her head then with her beak she will hang onto the cage and she will not move from that position for a while. I have no clue why she does this. Sometimes she bangs her beak against the cage and then lowers her head and hangs onto the cage.

Also, she plucks her feathers as I have mentioned before. It's odd because she will pluck her feathers out for a few days. Then after that she will be her old self again: happy and playful and she doesnt pluck for a few days after that. Then the next week do the same thing again. It's like a cycle because she does this and then stops and continues it again. It confuses me as to why she does this and then stops and then continues again. Please give me advice.

i have included a picture of her when she was healthy and normal and then her after she pluicked herself. this all happened from one day to the next. one day she was fine, the next day she was at the bottom of her cage covered in blood on her belly...

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Jan 04, 2012
mine too
by: Maria

My Quaker two weeks ago decided to pluck himself because I left out of town. =( I was mortified when I came back. I had a sitter come to the house everyday. I was only gone for 5 days. He bit off all his tail too. He's stopped for now but looks like a grey puff ball. I've given him red palm oil and it's helped. how is your bird now?

Dec 04, 2011
Bird plucking problems
by: Tracie

You didn't mention an avian vet visit, so that is the first thing you need to do. Many times there is something internally wrong that causes feather destructive behaviors.

Please read our Feather Damaging Behavior article that was written by our avian vet, and then I suggest you Find an Avian Vet to examine your Quaker parrot to rule out infection or disease.

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