Quaker trying to mate me !

by Rachael

I have a male Quaker approx 5 years old, he is hand tame n handled a lot, recently he has started 2 push all his feathers out 2 make his body look bigger & he will stand still but move his weight from his left 2 right leg n regurgitate his seed n try and feed it too me.
Having spoken 2 a lady at the pet shop, she told me that a mating thing, how do I stop him from doing this ??? Plz help x

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Jan 26, 2012
Quaker trying to mate me !
by: Linda

He is NOT trying to mate you, and this is normal behavior for a sexually mature male bird. You cannot stop his from doing what comes naturally, and I suggest you do some reading and study about parrot's behavior, yours in particular.

What you are seeing is a mating dance that a male does when trying to find a mate. Because he does it in front of you only means he trusts you. He is not a human, so does not have the same kind of feelings and behaviors homans would have. He DOES NOT NEED A MATE either just because he is doing a little dance that comes naturally. Birds and other animals do not have to breed which is another human behavior. Actually humans don't have to breed either but do even when it is not such a good idea. Your bird is not human and does not need to ever breed.

Relax and enjoy your bird for who he is and stop worrying about nothing.


Jan 26, 2012
Changing bird behavior
by: Tracie

You will need to show the bird that you don't like this. Since you are the preferred flock member to him, he will want to please you.

Every time the bird starts this behavior, say "noooo" in a low, gentle but firm voice. As you are saying this, move the bird towards the cage and put the bird in the cage and turn your back on him.

After a minute or so, you can get the bird out again and if he does it again, just continue doing this. Eventually the bird will catch on.

We have other bird training material on our Parrot Training page that will also help you.

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