Question about Quarantine

by MicaSullivan
(Houston, Texas)

I am going to be bringing home a newly weaned GCC. I have an Alexandrine at this time. (Last Wellness visit to vet about 5 weeks ago---all great!)

I do not have a place to quarantine the new GCC in another room. The cages will be about 12 feet or so apart. I will be taking the GCC to the vet before I bring it home.

Do you have any suggestions? There is no where else I can put the new GCC.

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Jul 13, 2009
Quarantine and vaccination for birds
by: The Vet

Keep them physically separate for at least 30 days, then they can be introduced.

You need to get both birds vaccinated for Polyomavirus to prevent them from being carriers. If they are carriers, it is easy for you to spread the virus on your clothes, hands, hair etc, when you go visiting other places that have birds.

If they already have the virus, the vaccine will clear the virus and they will no longer be infected, then the vaccine will prevent re-infection. The vaccine is for avian polyomavirus.

Dr B

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